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Riemenschneider-McCrary Law Firm

Jackie L. Riemenschneider-McCrary, Bankruptcy Attorney, 190 S. Seguin Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130

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Why Should You Hire Me to be Your Bankruptcy Lawyer?

1.         Experience.  I have been at my current law office for five years and have filed over 400 cases in the Western District of Texas.

I learned to practice bankruptcy law from the late Walker Metcalf, who practiced law for over 50 years.  Mr. Metcalf believed the best way to learn something was to do it.  Before I even graduated from law school, I had filed over a dozen Chapter 7 bankruptcies.  At the Law Offices of Walker Metcalf, I also filed hundreds of commercial collection law suits, so I learned both sides of the fence.

After becoming an attorney, I then moved on to a firm, where I filed about 40 bankruptcies before becoming a solo practitioner and filing even more bankruptcies. I have filed bankruptcies for people from all walks of life with varying situations. 

2.         Experience with Businesses:  I have filed bankruptcies for people with businesses that went under, including farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, appliance store owners, gym owners, clothing merchants and others.  My clients were self employed entrepreneurs who suffered from bad luck or a bad economy.  Some were sole proprietors, whiles other had made themselves personally liable for business debts.  I have dealt with left over inventories and creditors who sued the clients or the businesses. 

3.         Experience with Divorce Issues:  I have worked with several clients who got the short end of the stick in a divorce.  Often my clients are justifiably full of anger and frustration with their situation.  I know how to help clients make sure the debts of their ex-spouses do not cause problems in the future.  I have helped many people deal with this extremely disheartening cause of bankruptcy. 

4.         Experience with Medical Issues: I have had clients who had suffered strokes, car accidents, diabetes, and numerous other medical issues which led to excessive medical debt.  This type of bankruptcy can be very difficult for family members who have to take on new responsibilities.  During a bankruptcy caused by medical reasons, I help my clients as they re-prioritize their lives by focusing on their health and moving financial issues to the back burner. 

5.         Experience with Unemployment and Wage Reduction:  While working in West Texas, a local distribution center and meat packing plant reduced the wages and put numerous employees on temporary lay off.  I worked with several of these employees who had to file bankruptcy.  Again, I helped clients work through seemingly hopeless situations.

6.         Experience with Money Problems:  Having been a single teacher in a very poor school district, I know what it is like to make less than $20,000.00 a year.  I know what it is like to have to put necessities on a credit card because your next paycheck is still a week away.  I can relate better to my clients and their needs because unlike most attorneys in my field, I have taken on some of the same financial issues as many of my clients.                  

7.        Respect, Honesty and Compassion:  I am a firm believer in “There but for the grace of God, go I.”  I treat my clients with respect and compassion because they deserve it.  First, I don’t simply try to sell someone a bankruptcy.  I openly advise prospective clients when I do not think a bankruptcy is in their best interest.  From the beginning, I educate my clients about the process, by making them fully aware of the pros, cons and risks in filing a bankruptcy.  I want my clients to know they are making the best decision for their situation.  Throughout the bankruptcy process, I work hard to make sure my clients are fully informed, and I treat them the way I would want to be treated.  Having been an English teacher, I know how to take legalese and make it comprehensible.  My clients know what they are doing, and most importantly, they know why they are doing it.

8.         Availability:  Unlike at “bankruptcy factories,” I know my clients by name.  My clients are not required to have their cases reviewed by legal assistants before they get to an attorney.  From the first consultation to the discharge order, I meet directly with my clients, and expect my clients to contact me directly with any questions or concerns they might have throughout the bankruptcy progress.  Unlike some big firms, my clients are not charged every time they call or email.  I return calls within two business days, even if I have to contact my client after business hours. 

9.         Flexible Payment Plans:  First, I never quote a potential client a fee until I have had the opportunity to review their financial situation and determine the complexity of their bankruptcy.  The court filing fee for every Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335.00, ($310 for Chapter 13s) the required credit counseling is about $50.  So, a client is looking at about $385.00 before considering my attorney's fee.  Usually, at the conclusion of the free consultation I can give a potential client an exact quote of what the entire bankruptcy will cost.  If a person then chooses to hire me, I work with the person to create a payment plan, if necessary.  I don’t believe in “one size fits all” payment plans.  I work with my clients to figure out what they can realistically afford to pay on a monthly basis.  I accept cash, check and money orders.  The enitre fee must be paid in full before a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is filed (or I would become a creditor myself), but this usually provides time for the paperwork to be completed.  Also, I will begin fielding creditor calls as soon as a client has paid the initial retainer.

10.  Location:  I'm located in Downtown New Braunfels, in the upstairs of the Century 21 Randall Morris Real Estate Building, a historic office with plenty of free parking.